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booksigning7.jpgthacreatorandvol1.pngAt a very young age, Roderick Kendall Brown taught himself how to draw and express his emotions through art. As he excelled with sports and academics, he knew that teaching others to live through art would truly make his life complete. 

He graduated from Emory University with a degree in Liberal Studies and African-American Studies. It wasn't long before others started to see what Rod was trying to create and joined on as part of what he calls the Native Comics Crew. Rod and his Crew began to participate in art festivals, road races, expos and elementary, junior high and high school events, showing kids and adults alike, that having a positive mindset can lead you up the road to better understanding of all people. Rod also graduated from the Art Institute of Atlanta with honors, to increase his technical expertise in Graphic Art and Design.


-church.jpgAs Native Comics continues to grow and expand, with the help of a growing website (nativecomics.com), loving wife Carina and children Jhai and Maya, numerous magazine/TV interviews (Good Day Atlanta/Source Magazine/Rolling Out Magazine) and supportive family and friends, Rod Brown will continue to gather a loyal following, creating imaginative storylines with colorful characters. Native Comics Entertainment will continue to excite, enthrall and teach others how to interact together and live a positive life, no matter what the adversity...


Protectors of the Native Order, the first African-American superhero group for Native Comics, will showcase characters from very diverse backgrounds. Reacting to the chaos and corruption of our society, Native Comics has envisioned creative storytelling mixing fantasy with real-life issues. They plan to bring cultural education and seek to enhance the morals and ethics of this society, while inspiring to overcome obstacles and dream.

Issues Native Comics plans to address are:
Mental and Spiritual Awareness, Crime, The Importance of Family Relationships, Education, Drugs in Our Society, Homelessness, World Politics, Parenthood, Race Relations and Heritage.


photo-1-1.jpgCurrently the market is lacking in publishing material which target a multi-cultural society and is conducive to positive character development. We seek to enhance, enlighten and educate those not familiar with African-American and other ethnic cultures- and promote a standard for more harmonious relations. Because of the diversity of culture within this country and the lack of knowledge thereof, we must find ways to ensure that the people of today become further enlightened about one another.

Native Comics will venture into the realm of T-shirts, caps, mugs, school supplies, clothing, toys, music, animated cartoon shows, feature films and amusement parks. The Native Dimension is ready are you?