So many projects, so many stories!

Native ConventionsHey Native fans! Just wanted to do a quick rundown on what's going on at Native studios, since it's been awhile I gave any of these updates! Let me tell you, we haven't stopped trying to give you new content and a fresh new look at our stories, especially for the new reader who is just discovering us. Here's a few things: 

First, we're working on G-Man #1 the First Edition. Almost done, and it's looking pretty good! Since #0 the collector's edition is running out of print, this new edition will have new artwork, an enhanced script and a fresh, new back cover. If you don't have #0 yet, you're running out of time to get one, because once #1 is in print, #0 will be discontinued (henceforth it being called a collector's edition).

Mwanzo work in progress

Also, we have two favorites at our conventions and book signings: One is our MWANZO title, issues 1 through 6. It's a complete story in itself, based on the Protectors of the Native Order's origin story in another dimension. It's been such a hit when I display it at conventions, people tend to buy all the issues at once, soooooooo (drum roll) we are combining all six issues into one BIG complete book! We will be accepting pre-orders of this very large paperback very soon...

The second favorite at the conventions are the Protectors of the Native Order, issues 1 through 6. Since you can only get issues 2 through 6 at our conventions and book signings right now, fans usually scoop them all up, soooooooo (drum roll) we are going to combine ALL six issues into one volume paperback! Again, pre-orders of this HUGE book will be announced soon!

Meanwhile, back at Native Comics studios, we are hard at work on The Indeegos first comic book! Yes, everybody's favorite multicultural superhero kids are getting their first comic book, demanded by the fans!

Sazz #2 and G-Man #2 are at their beginning stages as well... which means their outlines and initial first drafts have been drawn...

So you see, Native Comics is hard at work trying to deliver new content out there. With our NEW LOOK on this website, we will be adding more exclusive content for our fans in 2018! 

Stay tuned and Stay Native!