Real Name: Imani
Dual Identity: Secret
Occupation: Mercenary, Adventurer
Place: Ujima City, California
Birthplace: Mahai Mountains on planet Asa-Ala in the Mybing Galaxy
Known Relatives: Nia (Twin Sister), Nari (Mother-Deceased),  Turo (Father-Deceased)
Known Allies: The Akili
Known Enemies: The Zenotor Clan, Vothar
Base of Operations: Underground Ujima City
Affiliation: The Sazz Sisters
Education Level: Xonkani
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 125 lbs
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown

Imani currently has the rank of Xonkani (Akili power rank chart yet to be released) and all the skills associated with it, except knocking out a group of beings unconscious for one hour and forming an illusion. Once Imani can achieve and master these two skills she will have completed her Xonkani rank training, and will then be raised to be the Nubi rank.

KNOWN LIMITATIONS: (Akili Power Rank chart yet to be released)

imani-secondshot.pngSTORYLINE: The Akili race has lived and prospered in the Mahai Mountains ever since they evolved on Planet Asa-Ala. The Akili are a mystical people who contain special powers within themselves at birth. This power continues to grow as one gets older. They only way an Akilli can lose his or her power is if he or she purposely betrays or kills another Akili, thereby losing all knowledge of the skills he or she knew before. The only way to regain the power and knowledge of skills is to learn from the mystical scroll of Akili. This scroll gives all instructions and rules for an Akili to learn. The ancient Akili scroll was written when the Akili were created, and since then, the Akili Bwana travel to the Mahai Mountains where the scroll is located to obtain the knowledge and skills and teach them to their young. As an Akili grows in wisdom, purpose, confidence and faith, so does the power inside that Akili, therefore making him or her able to learn more powerful Akili skills. It had been prophesied by the ancient scroll of Akili that one day, when the Akili are in desperate need of help, a pair of twins would be born. These twins would bring good fortune and save the Akili from their immediate peril. These twins would then grow up to be the most powerful Akili of the Sazz rank ever inducted and they would lead the Akili to a higher level of greatness… (Additional information on Imani is classified, until further notice)

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