Protectors of the Native Order #1

ISBN# 978069270027350499

What would you do if you were suddenly given super powers? Like right now? 

Would you instantly stop every thing you're doing and go out to fight crime? 
Or would you continue to go to the grocery store, buy gas for your car and meet your friends later on that night?

This is what happens when three college students and their professor are faced with this dilemma. One feels destined to fight evil, but the others are not so sure. Not only must they learn to deal with these newfound powers from an ancient spirit who can unlock the limitless potential of the mind, but they must also learn how to work together as a team and take the mantle of super hero. Their mission: save the world from an unspeakable growing evil infecting our city, our world and soon, the galaxy beyond…  What would you do?


• This is the first African-American super hero group!

• This story is the entry point that will connect you to the larger Native Comics universe!