Sazz #1


Ever thought you could be more than what you are? That there was something greater out there, waiting for you to find it?…

This is the journey of two twin sisters trying to find their way back home, and in doing so, find themselves…

Crash landing on this planet, from a race ravaged by civil war, they roam the earth, training in their warrior mystic ways, hoping to achieve more power and means to get off this world. Along the way, they encounter many adventures, trials and clues on how to overcome their biggest challenge: how to become the most powerful warrior mystics the universe has ever seen and bring back glory to their forgotten race!

They might just find out the home they've been trying to get to may be the home that they're already on…!

• THE first all female African-American superhero duo comic!

• This story is for girls & boys, men & women!

• Sazz's storyline ties in directly with the other series, but can be read on its own!